Get Rid of Fleas in 8 Steps
Use a flea bath or flea treatment pill to get rid of the fleas on your pet. If your pet has already been given a monthly pill or spot-on this month, use a flea comb instead.
Give your pet spot-on, oral medications, or a flea collar to prevent fleas. (Talk to your vet before combining any treatments.)
Replace or wash your pet’s beds and blankets on the hottest wash and dry cycles. You can also use a bedding spray or powder.
Continue prevention all year round with a monthly preventative or a flea collar.
Mow your lawn, so sunlight reaches the soil. Fleas don’t like direct light and prefer moist, shady areas.
Remove any clutter like mounds of wood, leaves, or rocks, since fleas like to hide there.
Apply flea sprays to your yard and garden. Remove pets’ and children’s toys first and keep everyone out of the yard for as long as the product recommends.
Hose down garden beds and around trees, where flea eggs will likely be. Water the spots until they slightly flood to kill flea eggs and larvae.
Does getting rid of fleas sound like a hassle?

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